I have been in the IT Industry for more than 20 years, I started life as an IT support analyst way back before the internet was in everyone’s pocket, car, bedroom! I started playing with HTML and created a couple of websites as it fascinated me, then my boss at the time asked if I could help out with the company web site.

After that things just kept progressing, I went on to become a Web Designer then Web Developer, PHP Programmer, IT Instructor, Development Lead, Development Manager, Internet Marketer and Consultant.

I have been a Web Programmer using PHP since the early 2000s and have been using WordPress since about 2006. I now focus on WordPress because I know it is not only a great blogging platform but also a powerful Content Management System or CMS that you can use on any type of website or blog.

What makes WordPress great is it is free, easy to use and has lots of support from the WordPress Community and there are plenty of themes and plugins that allow you to do some very fancy things extremely easily.

I use WordPress, PHP/MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript/Ajax, etc. I also give occasional tips on how to Make Money Online, driving traffic using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or using Social Media.