How to Combine External CSS Files in WordPress


Combine External CSS

Numerous website designers create multiple CSS files to work easier with each CSS file. But it ultimately influences your page loading speed. Each CSS file takes time to load, so the browser has to download all the CSS files. Having multiple CSS files simply increases DNS lookups.

To combine multiple CSS files, you need not do any complex work, it’s a pretty simple copy and paste. Copy external CSS file content and paste it to your main CSS file, that is all there is to it. Here you are saving some bytes and increasing page speed by making one CSS file.

How to Combine CSS files into One

To increase page speed you need to combine CSS files into one. Let’s take an example If you have a CSS file called “main.css” and another called “widgets.css” being called by your HTML. In this situation, you could open your “widgets.css”, copy and paste the contents of the file into “main.css”.After adding this code into main.css, you would remove the call for “widgets.css” from your HTML. Now, all your external CSS file calls removed and the only main.css will handle styles for the entire website, which is a great technique to speed up your website.

Also, you need to avoid CSS @import calls and inline small CSS to get faster page speed, Users always like faster loads websites. So make your website super faster for better user experience and as well as increase Google rankings.

If you are a WordPress user, you might be using a plugin. Reduce the number of plugins for every single reason. We have seen many WordPress websites, having multiple external CSS files. So avoid using external CSS files and make one single CSS file in your WordPress website.

Combine External CSS in WordPress

Combine external CSS files in WordPress with W3 total cache plugin. If you are using Cloudflare, this job can be easily done by setting up rocket loader active.

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