How to Create Category Specific RSS Feeds in WordPress


If you are running a larger WordPress site covering multiple topics, your visitors might have to sift through a lot of items in their RSS feeds in order to find content that is of interest to them. To solve this problem, you can provide them with an option to subscribe to different RSS feeds that are specific to each category.

The Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription plugin by Tips and Tricks HQ was designed to do just that. With this plugin, your visitors can still take advantage of your regular RSS subscription option, but now they can also subscribe only to subjects relevant to them. Such ability to deliver targeted RSS content will help you maintain your current audience and gain new subscribers.

The plugin can be particularly useful to magazine-style, event and community sites, as well as any website or blog that publishes articles in more than one subject area or category. Here’s some more information about Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription, which will help you get started with the plugin and make the most of it.

Features and Benefits

The plugin gives you the ability to present your visitors with a menu of different RSS feeds they can subscribe to. You can configure it to either automatically display your site’s categories as options in this menu or to offer up to eight of your own custom subject-specific RSS feeds.

Most users don’t want to be bombarded by unwanted content from sites with multiple topics. They are not very likely to subscribe to your RSS feed if only one out of many topics on your site interests them. Providing a category-based RSS subscription option will not only solve this problem, but also give your website an SEO advantage.


You can download the plugin for free from the WordPress repository. Go to the Plugins area of your WP admin panel and click Add New. Select the Upload tab and browse your device to find the plugin you’ve downloaded. Click Install and Activate Plugin to complete the process.


Click the Category Specific RSS link in the Settings menu of your dashboard to configure your newly installed plugin. This will allow you to change the title of the RSS widget, and enter category names and links. You can also decide whether you want to show a post count for every category, show the RSS feed image next to category names, and show the feed for all categories.


The most common way to use the plugin is by adding the Category Specific RSS widget to the sidebar. You can do this in the Widgets menu of your admin panel. You can also use the shortcode:


…by simply adding it to posts or pages where you want the widget to be displayed. Alternatively, you can use the following function in your template files:

If you want to change the provided RSS image with something that better fits your site’s theme, go to the directory of your installed plugins and click Edit under Category Specific RSS Menu. Find the rss_small_icon.png line and overwrite it with the name of the image you have previously uploaded.

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