How to Minimize DNS Lookups


Reduce DNS Lookups

Minimize DNS lookups is a page speed optimization technique. Google page speed and Yslow recommends that many DNS lookups are too much, so the balance between DNS lookups and page speed for your user. Because the user likes fast loading websites.

Domain name system, commonly known as DNS has to download your web page, so the browser must lookups various files. There are many areas, which affects to load a page in less time. The browser has to be download files of Social Media Icons, Google Adsense, Analytics, Javascripts, External CSS and Images. So for every file, the server will respond according to your web hosting plan. If it’s shared hosting, usually slow down your website. Bandwidth will play a major role in loading page.

How to Minimize DNS Lookups

To Minimize DNS lookups, you have to work on many things, which listed below clearly. One extra DSN lookup takes some time to get the requested file. For faster page loading, avoid using unnecessary files like social media Badges/Icons and compress images.

One of the main reason might be Social Media icons and badgers. Displaying social media buttons is not a bad idea, but to download each Social media file (Google +, Facebook and Twitter), the browser has to do an additional task.

Are Social Media buttons more important than page speed? it depends on you.

  1. Prefer Asynchronous code (Google Adsense and Analytics)
  2. Avoid using social media badges and buttons like Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
  3. Inline Small CSS
  4. Compress and Combine JavaScripts.
  5. Avoid @import Google fonts
  6. Compress and scale Images correctly and
  7. Choose the best hosting service, VPS plan preferable. Currently, Siteground is the best choice for shared and VPS hosting.

Most of the WordPress websites have several CSS files, images and scripts. For each file browser lookups into server responses before downloading files. So avoid external CSS files, use synchronous code of Google AdSense or Google Analytics, less JavaScript and compress images. Too many DNS lookups kill your website speed.

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